[quote]I own two originals and two prints of Mike’s work and love all four ~Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars[/quote]

[quote]Mike Uhren has proved himself to be one of the most dedicated and passionate artists in the world of premium cigars. I have purchased many of his originals and prints myself ~ JDrew [/quote]

[quote]I have bought two commissioned paintings from Mike and I would recommend anyone interested to explore this option with Mike. I am holding an open spot on another wall for another painting from Mike. He will not disappoint. ~DP of OH[/quote]

[quote]Your art is center stage in my ‘man room’
~TL of FL[/quote]

[quote]I liked your work so much that I had 2 different drawings put on the Mississippi Fishin’ Herf shirts
~DK of LA[/quote]

[quote]I received the print from Mike and was floored!!! Mike Uhren has a fantastic talent to bring inanimate subjects to life with the stroke of a brush… Simply amazing!!!
~Mark Redmond, Oregon City OR[/quote]

[quote]I find Mike’s art work to be outstanding…..I own several of his works and will continue to buy them. He has a great touch with any medium that he uses and makes a painting come to life right before your eyes.
~CA of Bend, OR[/quote]

[quote]The art is great… It will go very well in the mancave too.
~Jeff Brady aka Blu[/quote]

[quote]Mike is brings incredible talent to the cigar industry with his art. His unique visions and clean style shows through all of his pieces. His attention to detail wows me as a look closely at the pieces I have bought from him, that hang proudly in my cigar room!
~M.K., Bakersfield, CA[/quote]

[quote]Got the print! Thanks bro! Looks awesome!
~RN of CA[/quote]

[quote]I received the print yesterday and I am VERY PLEASED!
~RF of TN[/quote]

[quote]I just received it, and it looks great!
~DN of CA[/quote]

[quote]The artwork is flipping awesome! Looks great posted above my vino, letting all who enter know that cigars will be smoked, and scotch will be consumed.
~MM of XX[/quote]

[quote]Your artwork is leaps & bounds above any other artist currently producing cigar influenced pieces I’ve seen thus far! Again, Thanks for what you do for our hobby!
~CM of XX[/quote]

[quote]Mikes art is an interpretation of a reflecting moment while I smoke cigars rather if im by myself or a group of friends.
~Jon DiBartolomeo[/quote]

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