Welcome to 2019!

%name %title      Cigar art by Cigar Artist Mike Uhren

Another year of Cigar Art has begun.

The start of year TEN of cigar exclusive artwork!

When you buy…You’re not alone! (a running total of prints & originals sold): 566 thus far

The site is currently being updated:

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I specialize in Acrylic, Pen & Ink, and most recently, charcoal cigar art for those that appreciate the finer aspects of the tobacco leaf. My artwork hangs in corporate cigar offices, personal cigar rooms, and cigar shops & shops around the country. As you browse through my work, I hope you enjoy the detail, unique vision, and style. No one else in the Country is doing this quality of Cigar Art. You can purchase either an original, a print (some limited) to have as your own. You can also arrange for commissioned one of a kind art by contacting me directly. Enjoy the galleries!

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